Intellectual Property.
Business Entity Formation and Business Law.
Estate Planning 
And Administration.
Nonprofit and 
Tax-Exempt Organizations.
Because of a diverse background, callahan law llc has significant experience in multiple areas of practice, including, but not limited to those listed here.          

callahan law llc considers every call important.  If a practice area is not listed here, call anyway – we may be able to help, but if not,we will help you find the right expert for your specific need.
callahan law llc will guide you through the bankruptcy process whether you are an individual or business.  Your lawyer shold not judge you, but help you obtain the fresh start that was intended for you by the law from the very beginning.
callahan law llc uses its expertise to work with you to choose the best entity for your business such as corporations, LLCs, and various forms of partnerships.  Whether your purpose is to own property or perform a service, we can advise you as to the law and taxes affecting your business and your best response to those forces.
callahan law llc has prosecuted hundreds of trademarks, servicemarks, copyright registration, and advised creatives in licensing and publishing their work. We also help forge relationships with creatives and business.

callahan law llc is on the edge of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations and religious organizations/church law.  In addition to publishing and teaching, we have forged new laws regarding relationships with business entities.  We can help you from formation and exemption through complex UBIT, compensation, compensation, donor, liability, and merger issues.
callahan law llc assists with the preparation of simple last wills and testaments and plans for complex estates worth tens of millions by the use of trusts, partnerships and other tools.  We can help you avoid probate or will guide you or your family through the probate process if necessary.
callahan law llc
Personal Injury.
callahan law llc does not practice personal injury law but we can help put you in the hands of a dedicated personal injury lawyer to reach the best outcome to make you whole after being injured. This service is performed at no cost to you.